23 Jan
Database Version Control at a Reasonable Price

There are a few well-known database schema migration projects on the market, but all of them are too expensive to purchase a license for. That's why I need a cheaper alternative. To keep my budget low while yet meeting my objectives. 

First and foremost, the tool must provide a way to quickly dump an existed database changes into a text file. It would be nice to have easy side-by-side comparison between different database copies. This would allow me to see the changes between two versions of the database and generate a script that would bring the database up to the latest version.

I'm not interested in exotic databases, particular programming languages, or framework support. Framework integration, such as the schema update on application startup, is not welcome. 

I found and tested the new schema migration tool that does the Flyway job for a fraction of its price! Rumba seems to have all major features and commercial license starts from $10. It is a young but very promising project.

The cost

When starting a project, one has to be aware that there are always risks and costs. While it is important to be mindful of the risks and costs associated with a project, it is also important to be realistic about the potential return on investment.

In some cases, the investment may be too high for the potential return. In these cases, it may be best to find a different project to invest in. Licensing price of the most advertised tools I heard that starts from $2000 and this will delay potential investment return.


Most of the schema evolutions come separately from data changes. But from time to time, it is very convenient to have a way to load the database with data right after the schema has been changed. The most common scenario where this might be useful is the initial application deployment.

I expanded my requirement list with the ability to load data after incoming schema changes are done. The most desirable format is CSV. So, this is the minimal part from ETL I like to have, a full-featured ETL would be a huge plus.


I found reasonably priced solution, without external dependencies. The only possible drawback, Rumba is PostgreSQL oriented solution and currently does not provide supports for other databases.

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